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When Belarusians think about what is best to put on the floor, then most often the 35 mm floor board comes to mind. This is nothing accidental, because the material has important advantages. It is eco-friendly, perfectly retains heat in any room. It is expensive to buy parquet, and to buy a floorboard of 35 mm in Minsk is what you need! Especially for lovers of silence, because it has high properties in terms of sound insulation.
 Among other advantages that the floorboard has - maintaining a comfortable temperature in the house. This is especially important during the cold season. You can sand the floor several times. In this case, do not worry that he may lose a beautiful look. It is better when the edged board is bought in bulk. This makes it possible not only to save money, but also to protect oneself from the possible shortage of material in the process of work. All the more so in DIN MVD prices of floorboards are more than reasonable.

 In addition to flooring, you can buy other lumber in bulk. Moreover, both raw and dry, edged and no. Especially actively they are purchased by furniture manufacturers, they turn out great tables, chairs and other items.

Today there are many varieties of baseboards for sale. But the majority of Belarusians still prefer to buy wooden skirting boards. The advantages are durability, beautiful appearance, environmental safety. In addition, the material has high strength. Possess such a characteristic and wooden platbands. They are also easy to install, accessories are not needed. Plus the fact that it is possible to buy wooden frames with gluing. They look great as a frame of wooden and window openings.