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Wooden gazebos are becoming increasingly popular with summer residents or owners of private houses. They do not take up much space, however they are quite roomy. Especially such a plus differ 6-sided gazebos. Each of them allows you to set a brazier or barbecue, to be used during picnics, any celebrations. You should not doubt the strength of the structure: the six-sided arbor is not afraid of strong wind, a large amount of precipitation.
The current summer residents do not welcome only work on the beds and in the garden. They find time to have a good rest after work, at lunchtime. And a gazebo made of logs is the best place for this. Such material has long been known. Logs have the same diameter throughout their length. Surface - polished, perfectly smooth, smooth. Cut the grooves and cups are not necessary - they are already there. It is enough just to buy a gazebo from a rounded log at a reasonable price and enjoy the rest in it, getting comfort, tranquility and comfort.