Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

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At present, organizations of the penitentiary system and health and labor dispensaries of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus (hereinafter referred to as HCC) carry out the employment of convicted prisoners in open prisons (hereinafter referred to as OP) and citizens who are in HCC at third-party organizations at the location of these OP and HCC.

Labor of convicts contained in OP is regulated by the Labor and Penitentiary Codes of the Republic of Belarus.

Convicted persons contained in OP may be involved in work in organizations regardless of their form of ownership, as well as among individual entrepreneurs.

The peculiarity of the recruitment of convicts contained in OP for work is that they do not themselves look for work, but are sent to an organization with which the preliminary arrangement was made by the administration of an open-type correctional institution.

After determining the place of work for the convicted person and other conditions, the employment of these persons is carried out according to the general rules based on the requirements of the labor legislation.

Currently, convicts held in OP are employed in various sectors of the economy, the largest number of convicts are employed in industry (OJSC MAZ, OJSC MTZ, OJSC MZSH, etc.), but convicts are also employed in rural areas. economy and construction industry, as well as in housing and communal services.

Citizens contained in an HCC may also be attracted to work in organizations regardless of the form of ownership, as well as from individual entrepreneurs located at the location of the medical-labor dispensaries.

The working conditions of persons held in an HCC are governed by labor laws, taking into account the specifics associated with their maintenance in an HCC.

The peculiarity of recruitment of citizens contained in the HCC is that these persons are not covered by legislation on labor and collective agreements, on part-time work, on preserving wages when transferring and moving to another permanent underpaid job, on the enterprises labor collective, about guarantees for workers for the period of performance of state or public duties by them, about disciplinary responsibility of workers.

The remuneration of persons held in an HCC is made in accordance with labor legislation. Accrued wages to persons held in an HCC are not handed out, but transferred to their personal accounts.

More detailed information on issues of recruiting convicts held at OP and persons held at an HCC can be obtained at our institutions. Our addresses and contact numbers:

Correctional facilities of open type (OP) and medical and labor dispensaries (HCC)>

Brest region



Contact number

OP 1

Brest, st. Belorusskaya, 60
(only women are contained)

(80162) 29-30-01

OP 3

Birch, st. Krasnoarmeyskaya, 99

(801643) 49-3-33

OP 6

Kobrin district, Luschiki

(801642) 98-5-97

OP 7

Pruzhany district, village Kuplino

(801632) 95-7-97

OP 52

Baranovichi, st. Frolenkova, 178-a

(80163) 47-02-04

Vitebsk region



Contact number

OP 9

Vitebsk, st. 3rd Chepinskaya, 39

(80212) 35-76-52

OP 10

Vitebsk, st. Basic, 17
(only women are contained)

(80212) 35-62-93

OP 11

Vitebsk, st. Titova, 121, building 1

(80212) 54-55-73

OP 15

Novopolotsk, st. Technical, 8

(80214) 55-71-45


Vitebsk, st. Gagarin, 298

(80212) 43-19-80


Vitebsk, st. Gagarin, 48

(80212) 54-89-60

Gomel region



Contact number

OP 17

Gomel, st. Borisenko, 13, r. 2

(80232) 46-44-78

OP 19

Zhlobin, microdistrict number 3, d. 3

(802334) 45-9-10

OP 21

Mozyr, Boulevard of Youth, 24
(women and men are kept)

(80236) 33-69-48

OP 22

Gomel district, v. Zalipye, st. Promyshlennaya, 5

(80232) 98-88-08


Svetlogorsk, trans. 2nd Conifer, 16

(802342) 26-4-44

The Grodno region



Contact number

OP 24

Grodno, st. Lidskaya, 29 b
(women and men are kept)

(80152) 75-61-70

OP 25

Grodno, st. Lidskaya, 29 b

(80152) 75-58-24

OP 26

Grodno district, der. Ginovichi

(80152) 91-02-39

OP 29

Volkovysk, Rokossovskogo, 118

(801512) 43-8-03

OP 31

Shchuchin district, der. Gurnofel

(801514) 35-5-96



(801597) 9-56-97

Minsk and Minsk region



Contact number

OP 35

Minsk, st. Advanced, 13


OP 36

Minsk, Korotkevich St., 14


OP 39

Krupki district, Krupki-2

(801796) 22-6-74

OP 51

Minsk, st. Korotkevich, 14
(only women are contained)


OP 55

Minsk, st. Socialist, 7



Slutsk district, village Pavlovka
(only women are contained)

(801795) 52-4-82


Dzerzhinsk, trans. North, 1

(801716) 52-1-52

Mogilev region



Contact number


Mogilyov, 65 Pushkin Avenue

(80222) 48-44-09

OP 45

Krichev, st. Astronauts, 2

(802241) 58-3-14

OP 46

Krugloe, st. Sovetskaya 96

(802234) 52-9-72

OP 47

Mstislavl, st. Kalinin, 31

(802240) 21-6-16

OP 48

Osipovichi, st. Sumchenko, 38
(women and men are kept)

(802235) 73-2-66

OP 49

Shklov Youth, 2 b

(802239) 32-3-83


Goretsky district, d. Staroselye

(802233) 74-4-29


Mogilyov, passage Slavgorod, 49

(80222) 46-65-43