Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

Steel Fire Door

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GP Chetyrnadtcat
Tel: (8-01779) 7-42-70, 7-40-80
Steel Fire Door DP-2S-G-1P-RP-Pl-21-10 <br>
Fire resistance of the second and third type. <br>
<li> The thickness of the steel door leaf on the inside - 1.5 mm. + basalt cardboard; <br>
</ li>
<li> The thickness of the steel door leaf from the outside - 1.8 mm; <br>
</ li>
<li> Box - steel 1.8 mm; <br>
</ li>
<li> Platbands - steel 1.8 mm., three loops; <br>
</ li>
<li> Overall dimensions - 210x100 cm. </ li>
</ ul>
The door is insulated with mineral wool (stone) wool BELTEP brand FASAD 2100x600x50, the perimeter of the door is warmly insulated with thermal thermo-sealing tape 2x10 and cord 1-2 m. polymer coating (color as agreed with the customer).

Fireproof steel doors.
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