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Covering (imitation of a bar)

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GP Edinitca
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The covering is made of coniferous breeds

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Covering O-4.3 (imitation of a bar  35*135)








Covering O-4.5 (imitation of a bar 27*135)








Modern technologies of woodworking allow to combine fine decorative and ecological properties of a natural material with need for high-quality profiles and standard sizes on which there is a demand. Imitation of timber the best timber!

For example, imitation of timber from larch and pine. The material combines a bearing element of the wall and a decorative panel. It is a product of technological tricks, with visibility of a product from a uniform wood massif a peculiar "deception of sight". Imitation of timber are easy to install, easy to operate, the price of imitation timber from the company Optlestorg competitive.

But more running material pine timber imitation: here comes to the fore the advantage in price, it is somewhat cheaper than imitation of larch timber. So, it is enough to beat the rafters-and the attic turns into a living attic.

We offer & nbsp;dry imitation timber length of 3-4 meters, humidity 10-12%, made in accordance with GOST 8486-86 and GOST 26002-83.

Installation of imitation of a bar is made by upsetting a thorn in a groove, with a sealant or without it; to a basis fasten nails or screws, using level and the electric tool turns out quickly and beautifully. Nails or screws camouflage hats, painted in the color of the tree, or bury excess, and is applied on top of the masking paste.

Before installation imitation of a bar recommend to paint and make a waterproofing covering. With imitation timber cover almost any wall surface, previously covered with sheathing, and, if necessary, with insulation, getting good ventilated facade.

For example, during the construction of the bath, the facade is crated with a dry bar 35x35, 45x45 or 50x50 mm, is laid with a heater for this thickness. Crate do with a step, smaller 10 mm than the layers of insulation, so that it densely entered between the bars. On both sides of the insulation is laid vapor barrier membrane.

Side slit zapenivaete, hiding on top of the masking paste. It can be made independently, adding to mastic koler-wood flour, red clay or mineral paint such as iron oxide.

For baths and exterior decoration imitation timber from Siberian larch-a great choice! Odorous wood and "eternal siding" - these are the main advantages. The manufacturer uses the ideal raw material-resinous and durable softwood.

The paradox, but the bar is less practical than imitation of a bar. Dry imitation, in addition, is much more affordable.
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