Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

Wooden window frame, balcony

The catalog contains selling prices of the manufacturer!

GP IK 2 Bobruisk
Tel: (8 0225) 55-85-99, 72-59-70
Window frames are manufactured in accordance with STB 1138-98
Window blocks are made of solid softwood, in accordance with the customer's request.

state enterprise "IK 2 of Bobruisk"
Selling price  on the frame  window , balcony (single) of wood specified per m2.

state enterprise "IK 9" 
Selling price  on the frame window, balcony (double)  wood specified per m2.

To purchase a window unit wood. Window frames made of wood to order.
For wholesale purchase of goods call:8(017)215-54-53, 8(017)215-53-66
For retail purchase, call:8(01716)311-08, 8(01716)659-42