Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus
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Sleeping gear

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At all times, the Belarusian bedding was a great gift. On birthdays, weddings, christenings, and other celebrations he was carried as a sign of respect and care. Moreover, they often bought bed linen in bulk — so that later, when they were invited, not to run around in search of gifts. In addition, such acquisitions are always cheaper.

Previously, preference was often given to foreign brands. It was believed that it was better to buy a duvet cover made in Italy, as it supposedly looks richer. Now in the perception of compatriots much has changed. And the vast majority of them seek to buy bed linen in Belarus. The reason is high quality and no need to overpay for shipping from Western Europe.

However, not every garment-textile organization will provide an opportunity to buy bed linen in bulk. This option provides for cost reduction, which is not in the hands of many manufacturers. However, those who value their customers will never refuse to choose to buy bed linen in bulk in Belarus. For example, in the Department for the Execution of Sentences the prices for this option are provided for the lowest. The mass of options of execution is offered. In the institution, the cost of bed linen is pleasantly pleasing, as is the quality of its tailoring.

It is known that “blue-eyed” many in the world associate with such a plant as flax. The area under crops expands annually in the country; it is cultivated in many farms. Accordingly, linen bed linen is a frequent guest in homes, hotels and other institutions. Very pleasant to the touch. On quality with it bed linen from cotton can be compared only. And it is made in any colors, sizes. Such an approach in the work is very important because it forms a positive image of the manufacturer and potentially attracts new customers. Therefore, it does not matter whether the customer wants to buy linen bed linen or its cotton variant. The main thing - gets high-quality products at an affordable price. Pillowcases, pillows, blankets, sheets will be a chic decoration of rooms in any home! With them the dream will be much better and stronger!

In Belarus bed linen wholesale can be found not only at specialized enterprises. In DIN MIA installed modern equipment for its tailoring. And you can buy a pillowcase in large quantities, as well as a lot of full sets of bed-sofa accessories.