Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus
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Souvenir products

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In anticipation of summing up the results of the competition - sports, manufacturing and other - souvenirs in bulk should be purchased. So many event organizers believe that they are sure that it is better to purchase the necessary quantity of products right away than to look for it.

Among such products, those made by hand are in special demand. For example, bison souvenirs are very popular with foreigners. Members of any foreign delegations will be pleased if they are presented with a wooden symbol of Belarus as a gift. But if you have to make a gift to one wealthy person, then backgammon chess carved will perfectly suit for this purpose. They do not necessarily play. With great success, they can perform a decorative function, decorating any interior both at home and in the offices of enterprises and executive offices. Therefore, handmade backgammon carved today occupy a high place in the list of the most desired gifts. As well as handmade boxes made by craftsmen. They are comfortable, practical and very beautiful!