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Felling of a bath from the rounded preparations of Ø140 mm - Ø180 mm

The catalog contains selling prices of the manufacturer!

GP Semnadtcat
Tel: (8-02239) 30-9-82, 30-9-77

State Enterprise "LTP-1"

The price is approximate for 1 cubic meter. log walls.

The price includes the following materials:

- rounded log (pine) with a diameter of 14 cm;

In accordance with the requirements of the customer, it is possible to manufacture a log house for a bath & from a rounded log with a diameter of from 14 to 18 see the entire wall set;

Also, as agreed with the customer, additional equipment is possible:

- logs and log beams;

- truss system;

- rough floor;

- crate made of edged or uncut boards;

- consumables (nails, staples);

- roofing material or other coating on the roof;

- processing of logs with special impregnation.

The cost of a complete set is calculated for a specific project.

Wood is a material that breathes, so in wooden baths you will be spared the need to install air conditioning and ventilation systems. It is thanks to this feature of the tree, the ability to "breathe", that constant relative humidity is always maintained in the rooms. Breathable material does not allow carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide to accumulate in the room, and this is a very important factor for a bath. In addition, the tree accumulates heat well, and holds it for a long time, and this, again, is very important for a bathhouse so that it does not vystuzhalasya as long as possible.

When building a wooden bath, the height of the frame is chosen to be minimal, because the greater the volume of the bath (steam rooms), the greater the fuel consumption, the time it will take to heat the interior of the bath to the desired temperature. The height of the log of the bath, as a rule, not more than 2.5 m.


  • Low thermal conductivity - well-caulked log house retains heat well. Even in extreme cold, it is quite easy to heat such a bath, and it will take a long time to cool.
  • Natural air exchange. This quality will allow you not only to save on the installation of ventilation, but also save you from colds - natural ventilation eliminates drafts.
  • Durability - a properly installed log house can serve you for several decades. And such varieties of wood as larch and aspen over the years become only stronger.
  • Cheapness - a bath from a rounded log will be much cheaper than a brick or stone bath.
  • Easy installation - the construction process does not take much time, which is not the case with other building materials.
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