Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus
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Pellets, fuel briquettes, charcoal

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Despite the fact that in Minsk every year there are less and less private houses of the old formation, many residents of the capital want to buy charcoal on the eve of the winter cold - perhaps the most important thing. The reason for choosing is a large number of its positive properties. The charcoal purchased in bulk is incapable of spontaneous combustion, there is no smoke or flame during burning, but the required temperature is given out. That is, this is a great option not only for space heating, but also cooking kebabs in the country. Heat transfer is high - 3,100 kilojoules per kilogram.

Why is it cheaper to buy coal in bulk? For the winter, it will take more than one or two bags — dozens (depending on the area of ​​the heated room). And even hundreds, depending on the frequency of use. Therefore, it is better to buy coal in bulk at the DIN MVD, especially since the organization gives wholesalers an advantage.
But until winter came, it was still warm in the street during the day. That is the time to buy charcoal in Belarus and Minsk, and using it to cook kebabs, make a barbecue, grill. Increasingly, Belarusians tend to buy fuel briquettes at a low price. Their main purpose is home stoves, fireplaces, boiler rooms at factories and CHP. With their help, heated train cars. They burn and smolder for a long time, there is almost no smoke, and sparks and “shooting” are completely absent. Burnt, ash is formed, which makes it easier for people cleaning the fireplace, stove, boiler.
Do not forget that in DIN MIA you can buy firewood in bulk. This pure ecological product is still popular in rural areas.