Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus
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Door and window blocks wooden

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When building a country house, the question often arises: whether to use wooden window blocks or use other material? The answer is obvious: it is better to work with a natural product. The reason is that the window box of wood is resistant to bad weather. It is considered a good protection against the penetration of street noise into the house. In addition, the tree has always been a clean, highly eco-friendly material. Accordingly, window frames made of wood do not emit any harmful substances into the air.

Another advantage is incredible beauty. Like customers and a large range of colors. It is also characteristic of such products as wooden door block. Available materials are used in its manufacture, which significantly affects cost reduction. Today, the DIN Ministry of Internal Affairs offers to buy a wooden door unit by selecting one of the many product series with frosted glass or without it. The wholesale purchase option is also welcome. But whatever product is preferred, you can surely be one hundred percent: it will last a long time. You can immediately pick up the color and buy a door frame. And it will not be difficult to find the right size.