Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus
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Racks, cabinets

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Reliability is the basic requirement for all containers designed for storing something important, dangerous. If earlier, especially in villages, there was an acute issue with the storage of gas cylinders, today this problem can be solved without difficulty just buy a box for a gas cylinder. It is based on durable sheet metal. It meets all necessary safety requirements.

But it happens that you need some time to keep two containers. In order not to purchase two separate items, you can buy a double box under the gas cylinder. In addition to the main task - storage - he will also decide the aesthetic, since such gas owners do not shine with beauty.

Everyone knows that storing paper documents, jewelry, money is better in code places. The ideal option is a metal safe. One hundred percent reliability plus the ability to manufacture in various sizes, colors, modifications. That is, in those options that the customer will offer. The same conditions are offered to those who wish to buy a metal cabinet or shelves. Wardrobe, with a mezzanine or without, for documentation or other purposes - it does not matter! In the shortest possible time any order will be executed!

In many houses of Belarus you can still see the mailbox of the Soviet era. It does not decorate the entrance, and it is better to replace it with a modern high-quality and inexpensive analogue.