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Swing Sail 1

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GP Chetyrnadtcat
Tel: (8-01779) 7-42-70, 7-40-80
Garden swing "Sail".

- type a swing - 2-seater;
- a complete set a canopy - Yes;
- framework material - metal;
- a seat basis - metal, a tree;
- a support - 4 legs;
- canopy material - polycarbonate;
- maximum permissible load - 250 kg.

Overall dimensions of a swing:
Width is 2200.0 mm;
Depth is 1350.0 mm;
Height is 1700.0 mm;
Weight is 75 kg.

Swing garden "Sail" 2nd local-this not only fine decoration of the seasonal dacha, but also a great option for leisure and rest. Having nestled on our swing, it is possible to read, conduct a slow conversation, to rock to sleep the kid, to doze and of course it is simple to shake and have a rest from all pressing problems and cares. Very practical are also easy in service. Assembly and dismantling takes no more than 20-25 minutes.

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