Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

Metal rake with handle

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Garden rakes allow you to carefully treat the site - collect garbage, leaves, mowed grass, loosen the ground, break up large hard lumps, level and aerate the soil, distribute fertilizer - give the site a beautiful and well-groomed appearance, and significantly improve it.
Twisted rakes are easy to use, they are characterized by good structural rigidity, are resistant to wear and abrasion. Ecologically safe. Do not harm the environment. Covered with reliable anti-corrosion compound. Ideal for cuttings, forming with them a holistic reliable tool that does not unscrew, does not dangle, does not rattle when working and has a good solid appearance.

State Enterprise "IC 13-Birch"

Twisted 11 teeth metal rake (-1-11) without a handle.

State Enterprise "Fourteen"
Rake with handle F 30 * 130 - price 10.05 rubles.

State Enterprise "IK 20"

Twisted metal rake 12 teeth with handle.

Buy a metal rake.

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