Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

Brazier OP-821.000 K

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Brazier portable metal OP-821.000 K, with a set of accessories to frying of meat, a shish kebab, etc.


- overall dimensions of the case of a brazier - 350х650х150 mm;
- height - 750 mm (on legs).
- materials - a pipe of 15х15х1.5 mm, 20х20х2 mm, sheet S=1.2 of mm, 2 mm, 2.8 mm, a circle of D=8 mm;  
- color is black-red, paint powder RALL 9005, enamel heat-resistant (black), P 4 solvent;
- packing cardboard;
- weight - 20 kg.


- skewers - 5 pieces;
- a lattice for a barbecue - 1 piece;
- a support under a cauldron - 1 piece;
- a spit rotary - 1 piece.  

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