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Brazier "Creative"

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GP Chetyrnadtcat
Tel: (8-01779) 7-42-70, 7-40-80
Brazier with a roof "Creative"


- overall dimensions - 1350*960*2400 mm;
- brazier material - metal S - 3 mm;
- the applied materials - sheet S = 1 mm, 3 mm., a pipe of 25102 mm., a square of 10 mm;
- the design is not folding;
- a brazier covering - heat-resistant enamel black;
- the brazier is removable;
- weight - 98 kg.
Very convenient and beautiful brazier. Already on sale.

Many prefer to buy a brazier with a roof. But not all know that this adaptation is capable not only to perform regularly the main functions, but also to considerably decorate the seasonal dacha or cafe. Especially well in any place shod braziers with a roof look. They are nearly the work of art, and their existence is lifted by the authority of the owner in the opinion of guests.
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