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It is always pleasant to relax in the company of friends in the country. And what a vacation without fragrant kebabs? To cook them, you must have a grill with a roof. Unlike his fellows, he is not afraid of precipitation. It allows you to cook meat in the rain and snow.

Many people prefer to buy a grill with a roof and a smokehouse. But not everyone knows that this device can not only properly perform basic functions, but also greatly decorate the summer cottage or cafe. Wrought-iron barbecues with a roof look especially good anywhere. They are almost a work of art, and their presence raises the authority of the host in the eyes of the guests.

Popular with Belarusians and folding grill. It makes life much easier for those who want to relax during transportation. Than to carry a heavy solid item, it is better to buy a folding grill. And do not forget about the skewers, with which you can cook a gorgeous barbecue for the garden. Moreover, it is recommended to purchase them in packaging - beautiful and convenient. Today buy skewers - no problem. But it is important to purchase products from high quality material.