Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus
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The problem of urban pollution is well known to Belarusians. Therefore, many municipal organizations today prefer to buy a litter bin in Minsk. Moreover, this product is capable of not only performing immediate duties, but also gives the opportunity to earn its owners. For example, there are litter bins (cylindrical portable), on which there is a platform for placing advertisements.

But not only housing and communal services enterprises show an active interest in purchasing these products. They are small in size, easy to maintain, easy to use. Also, metal litter bins are not able to spoil the aesthetic appearance of the street or house. If you need universal devices for the simultaneous collection of plastic, paper and glass - the option “three in one” is proposed: buy a street garbage bin with three sections. This is a good opportunity for citizens to sort what they get rid of every day.

But it happens that more volume capacities are needed. Such as a container for MSW with the possibility of its installation on the car. It is most often in demand when it is necessary to export a significant amount of solid waste. Individuals do not need it too much, but for housing and utilities organizations to buy a container of solid waste or a container for pet bottles is almost the main dream. Especially - quality and inexpensive.