Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

KZK augers

The catalog contains selling prices of the manufacturer!
The screws KPC 0202770V; KZK 0206030B; KZK0216030B; KZK 0218020; KZK 0218070A for KZS-812 machine.
Screws KZK0216030B; KZK-10-0202770A; KZK-10-0218020; KZK-10-0218070; KZK-12-0206020; KZK-12-0206260 on the machine KZS-1218.
KZK 0206030B screws; KZK 0216030B; KZK0218020; KZK0218070A; on the machine KZS-5
KZK-14-0218020 screws; KZK-14-0218050; KZK-14-0218070; KZK-14-0206060A; KZK-14-0206070A; KZK-14-0216030 for vehicles KZS-1420 and KZS-1624

Product Name rev. FSO cost, including VAT

Auger KZK 0216030 pcs 236.40
KPC 10-0218020 auger 207,60
Spare KPC 10-0218070 pcs 236.40
KZK screw 10-0202770 A pcs 271.56

Auger KZK 12-0206130 pcs 222.00
Auger KZK 12-0206180A pcs 246.00
PCC 12-0206260 auger Deca KZK 12-0103100 pcs 147.60

For wholesale purchase of goods call:8(017)215-54-53, 8(017)215-53-66
For retail purchase, call:8(01716)311-08, 8(01716)659-42