Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

Jumper to cable racks

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Crossing points for cable racks of U-7603-00-00
Products for Belzheldorsnab UE
Lintels for rail transport.
Technical specifications apply to the following types of jumpers and connectors for railway transport:
- choke jumpers intended for electrical connection of all types of choke transformers with rails;
- inter-choke jumpers intended for electrical connection of choke-transformers of all types with each other;
- jumpers to traveling transformer boxes designed to connect the equipment of the traveling box with a track circuit;
- jumpers to cable racks designed to connect the cable of a cable rack with a rail circuit;
- connectors rail butt intended for electrical contact of the links of the rails together at the joints;
- rail plug connector designed to pass the signal current in areas with autonomous propulsion;
- electrotraction connectors designed for electrical connection of individual elements of switches and rails at the joints, as well as for draining current;
- arrow connectors (jumpers) intended for contact connection of unipolar rail threads of adjacent sections of tracks
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