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Chair 2CH3-00.00 "Contact" of skin. deputy.

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The chair represents a design from the soft formed sitting and a back fixed on a framework from steel pipes. The framework of a chair has a protective and decorative covering. A framework of a chair the ploskoovalnykh connected among themselves by semi-automatic welding represents a welded design with application of pipes steel electrowelded and pipes. The basis of sitting and a back from plywood. The back of sitting and a back is closed by plastic casings. A flooring on the sitting basis a chair - polyurethane foam of elastic 40 mm. Top - skin substitute.


- the framework is welded by semi-automatic welding in the environment of carbon dioxide (durability of a welded design increases by 30%), competitors have a spot welding;

- fabric fastens by means of special brackets under pressure inside, at the expense of it over time fabric does not act from under a plastic casing;

- thickness of foam rubber both on a seat, and on a back of 40 mm (competitors have about 20 mm);

- thickness of gnutokleeny plywood is 8 mm (competitors have 4-6 mm).
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