Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

Ottoman B-5448

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Tel: (8-01645) 6-06-43, 9-17-37, 6-06-48, 3-01-96
The ottoman is intended for the equipment of recreation areas of premises.

Ottoman 1 category of softness with one-piece, one-sided, spring-loaded, constant-section seat and back, having a decorative edging around the perimeter, with sidewalls, with a compartment for storing bedding, which is the basis of the ottoman, on four pillars, of which the front ones are indented.
Sidewalls - panel construction, curvilinear contour and constant cross-section of a laminated chipboard slab or slatted shields made of softwood or hardwood sawn timber from 2 sides with hard fiberboard or plywood and fabric over a layer of PU foam and batting, with hard armrests of complex shape.
The base of the seat and backrest is a rigid, frame structure.
The front side of the ottoman is lined with furniture fabric over a layer of batting.

Soft elements are lined with furniture fabric.
For wholesale purchase of goods call:8(017)215-53-69, 8(017)215-53-66