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Sofa bed Hope

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Sofa bed is designed for the equipment of a recreation area in residential premises.

The frame of the product consists of box-shaped sidewalls connected by horizontal and vertical bars and shield elements. The product is comfortable and versatile to use.

Sofa bed 2 categories of softness with one-sided springless, constant cross-section, double folding seat, folding back, shield rear wall, with soft headrest and removable one-sided, springless variable cross-section cushion back, two sides, mounted on supports, the front ones are fungal, rear - wheel.

The sidewalls are of box-shaped design, a curvilinear contour and a variable cross-section of the frame, with overlays at the ends made of plywood and lined with a fabric over a layer of foam rubber, with soft non-removable armrests.

The bases of the seats - rigid, frame construction.

The base of the back cushion is shield.

Headrest - figured shape with decorative stitching and edging.

When the sofa is transformed into the bed position, the double folding seat moves forward, the backrest cushion rotates, fits onto the folding supports and takes up a horizontal position.

Soft elements of the sofa - lined with furniture fabric.
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