Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

Gazebo PM8

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GP Edinitca
Tel: (8 01716) 6-40-83, 3-11-08
Intended for the equipment of the interiors of recreation areas.

Disposable combined design.
On a metal frame of a rectangular shaped tube, with a fixed seat, back, and table cover made of half-edged m.
Polycarbonate cover. Metal parts have a polymer coating powder paint, wooden parts are impregnated with antiseptic.
Overall dimensions are 290021202310 mm.
Product weight: ~ 130 kg.
For wholesale purchase of goods call:8(017)215-54-53, 8(017)215-53-66
For retail purchase, call:8(01716)311-08, 8(01716)659-42