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Pearl barley

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Pearl barley is a clean, polished pearl barley grain without an outer casing, so that it boils faster. Grows in more diverse climates than other cereals. Barley is good to add to soups and goulash, as it not only adds flavor and texture to dishes, but also thickens them. You can cook yourself (one part of the grain to three parts of water - cook for 45-60 minutes) as an alternative to rice, pasta or potatoes. Malted barley extract is made from germinated pearl barley grains.

Pearl barley is industrial processed barley coarse grinding. The first mention of the use of barley in food dates back to the times of ancient Egypt (4500 years). Barley is very widely used in brewing.

The first mention of barley is found in the Bible, and it was a full twenty times. In the old days, pearl barley porridge was considered a food worthy only of royal persons. For the royal table, pearl barley was certainly soaked for twelve hours, then boiled in milk, baked in the oven, and filled with cream before serving. Subsequently, the barley firmly entered the soldiers' menu.
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