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Laundry soap

The catalog contains selling prices of the manufacturer!
- solid laundry soap of the third group 65% piece 200 gr. - 0.46 cop.
- solid laundry soap of the first group 72% piece 200 gr. - 0.46 cop.

Laundry soap 72%, 65% is a hard-to-touch substance with a color from light beige to cinnamon, with a specific soap smell. Contains sodium salts of fatty acids and glycerin. This is a grade of soap with a fatty acid content of not more than 72% and a relatively large amount of alkali, about 0.15-0.20%. As a result, it has a very high pH value - pH 11-12. It has antibacterial properties.

In accordance with GOST 30266-95 laundry soap is divided into three categories, depending on the content of fatty acids. Category I should have at least 70.5% of fatty acids, Category II - 69.0%, III - 64.0%.

Properties of natural solid household soaps:
It is a cleaner with high detergency;
A wide range of practical applications in the home and at work;
No irritating effect on the skin surface;
Full biodegradability of soap, which does not require additional costs for wastewater treatment;
The absence of surrogate raw materials and materials in the soap;
The use of modern technology in the manufacture of soap;
The presence of antibacterial effect;
No preservatives;
Excellent washing effect, which manifests itself in both hot and cold water.

Laundry soap 72%, 65% is widely used both in everyday life and in the workplace.
Used as a cleaning and detergent for washing hands (with moderate and heavy soiling), washing, cleaning, etc.
It is used as a plasticizer in the manufacture of oil-adhesive, acrylic putty and PVA based putty.
Squirt (powder) of sodium soap is used as a dry powder lubricant for drawing brass, aluminum, steel wire, in the manufacture of pipes, rods, metalware of various groups, in nailing production. It provides high wear resistance of the tool, the required surface quality of the product, reduction of the friction coefficient, and at high drawing speeds - effective cooling of the tool.
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