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The catalog contains selling prices of the manufacturer!

State enterprise"ИК № 2 г. Бобруйска" 

Spring mattress of bilateral softness, for completing of beds. Frameless, one-piece, spring, double-sided, with decorative stitching of layers and sides, decorative edging around the perimeter of the plates.

Buy spring mattress in Belarus. Mattresses wholesale from the manufacturer.

Dimensions Price BYN
1950x700 47,16
1860x800 51,06
1950x800 61.26
1950x900 65,95
1950x1400 85,40
1950x1600 93,53

State enterprise "ИУ № 5" 

Dimensions 1860*800*200 mm, price: 75,70 bel.rub.

Dimensions1860*900*200 mm, price: 80,22 bel.rub.

The mattress is made on blocks of double cone springs according to TU VU 100135477472-2006. Assembling the frame base is made on the spikes and glue, the spring block is attached to the frame with brackets. The framework bars are made of softwood or hardwood.

For wholesale purchase of goods call:8(017)215-53-69, 8(017)215-53-66