Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

Mill decorative YAS.2.2 (1742x1742x2200)

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Overall dimensions: 174217422200

Made of lumber, non-separable, has a protective and decorative paint paint for exterior work.

Weight ~ 86 kg.

What do you think is the main decoration of the suburban area? Many will say lush green vegetation and bright flower beds with exotic flowers. Yes, this is true, but sooner or later, having played enough with the formation of flower beds, you still come to the idea that some starting point is needed, an important detail that would give rise to the stylistic design of the site.

Such a point can be a decorative mill for the garden, which, along with a wicker fence, a well and gazebos, will comfortably sit in the open spaces of the garden. Moreover, it will certainly become not only a colorful decoration of the garden, but also the main element of landscape design.

Decorative windmill can be one of the main components of landscape design, so no need to hide it in the backyard, it is best to put on elevated areas in an open area or near a reservoir.

In this case, be sure to correlate the proportions of the site and the mill.

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