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Fuel briquettes

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Specifications :

Fuel briquettes - is a pressed product from dried wood residues, such as sawdust, shavings, grinding dust and ...

Dimensions of briquette - 1596 sm.
Packing dimensions - 372016 sm. 

Fuel briquettes - an environmentally friendly product, since in their production no additives are used. This type of fuel has unique properties:

  • High duration of burning (30 minutes) and decay (100 minutes) 

    This means that compared to conventional firewood, bookmarking in a stove can be done less than three times. Briquettes burn with a minimum amount of smoke, do not shoot, do not spark. After combustion, briquettes are turned into coal, like ordinary firewood and, in the future, it is possible to cook kebabs or grills on them.
  • Calorific value of briquettes more than ordinary wood and almost equal to the calorific value of coal.
  • When cooking kebabs or grills, when the fat gets on the coals of briquettes, they do not ignite, but continue to smolder or burn with an even low flame.

The technology of production of wood fuel briquettes is based on the process of pressing finely chopped wood waste (sawdust) under high pressure when heated; the binding element is LEGNIN, which is contained in plant cells.

Used as a fuel: in homes, fireplaces, stoves, saunas, cottages and in other places where there are installations operating on solid fuel.

Comparative specifications:

By ash content:

  • when burning brown coal occurs 40% of ashes
  • from the burning of wood briquettes from 0.12% to 1%  of ashes
    On the allocation of CO 2 in comparison with wood briquettes (emission into the air space during combustion):
  • earth gas content 袿 2  15 times higher
  • light oil - content 袿 2    20 times higher
  • coke content 袿 2          30 times higher
  • anthracite coal content 袿 2 50 times higher

Comparative characteristics of the calorific value of briquettes

wood (solid mass, wet)

10 MJ/kg

wood (solid, dry)

12 MJ/kg

brown coal

16 MJ/kg

waste wood briquettes

18 MJ/kg

black coal

20 MJ/kg


25 MJ/kg

earch gas

32 MJ/kg

The form and packaging of fuel briquettes is convenient for transportation and storage.

For wholesale purchase of goods call:8(017)215-53-69, 8(017)215-53-66