Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

Brazier metal «Venice»

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GP «Chetyrnadtcat»
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Brazier figurative metal Venice.


Square - 16 x 16 mm.
Leaf - 4 mm.
Steel of the brand of 3 joint ventures.

 Length: 1100 mm.
Width: 300 mm.
Height: 1100 mm.

Product weight - 56 kg.
Color is black.

- a case covering - enamel black heat-resistant;
- a basis covering - a polymeric covering black;
- packing paper.
At us you can wholesale braziers or at retail.
The brazier Venice - is intended for use as in an interior of vacation spots, and indoors as furniture. A beautiful shod brazier Venice with a drovnitsa, and also other braziers you can wholesale at us or at retail.
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