Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

Chair with a high back KZ-02

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Width - 590 mm; Width along the axis of the armrests - 540 mm;

Depth with raised seat - 500 mm;

Depth with the sitting down - 720 mm; Height - 1020 mm.

The seat for the auditorium is installed on a metal frame with a one-sided one-sided, without spring seat, rear back and two armrests. The chairs for the auditorium can be assembled in a row in any quantity with attachment to the floor. based on a wooden frame of conifers. The soft element is formed of foam rubber, covered with batting and a fabric. To return the seat chair to its original position, a counterweight in the form of a metal plate is provided. The armrests are made on the basis of a wooden frame softwood. 

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