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Pergola "Astra" 2400x1500x2270.

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Pergola "Astra" 2400x1500x2270 mm.

It consists of two flat vertical walls with a lattice filling, interconnected in a groove and with self-tapping screws on a lattice roof.

All parts are impregnated and non-impregnated.

Delivered unassembled and assembled on site. Weight ~ 106 kg.

Pergolas spread all over the world from the Mediterranean, they were conceived and were used as protection of passages between buildings from the hot scorching sun.
Pergolas were lined with climbers, which quickly climbed the supports, creating a dense shadow.

Now pergolas are used in the southern regions of Russia for the support of the vine.

During the summer season, it grows along the pergola-arch surface, covering the yard area from the sun's rays.

In the autumn, bunches of grapes hang from the branches located on the upper part of the pergola.

Pergolas are also used in the design of gardens and parks, and they can be of different types, both as a stand-alone structure and as a continuation of the roof of a house, covering open terraces.

These decorative structures can be erected from wood, and can also be metal structures.

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