Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

Shovel sovok with the painted shank and the handle

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Buy shovel sovkovy with the strong steel cloth, resistant to wear, attrition. Great quality at a great price. Delivery.

A shovel is a marketable product that turns out to be indispensable at the construction site, during loading operations, in agriculture and in the household plot. The steel blade of the shovel is curved, forming edges, which allows you to effectively use the product for shifting or pouring large volumes of materials (sand, mortars, grain, snow, soil, etc.). The flat shape ensures optimal “grip” of the goods with the surface of the product - they do not fall off and do not roll off the sovok base. Pay attention to the small volumes of the base. This compact design, close to the square, provides optimal performance properties of the product. It is easier to work with him, because the weight of the lifted loads is less. And that means muscle tension, fatigue is also less. For people with poor health, not accustomed to hard work - this is a very important factor. As, however, and for all who do not want to in vain overstress and wear their bodies.  

Our shovel is also an excellent durable steel web that is resistant to wear, abrasion, breakage and fatigue, as well as excellent quality at an affordable price.

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