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Macaroni from flour of the 1st grade

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The price is 1 kg.
 GOST 12.4.252-2013
 Pasta group "B" class 2. Made from wheat flour of the first grade.
 The name "macaroni" goes back to the Greek "makaria" - "grace", "happiness": so the Greeks called some kind of their own flour dish, apparently, which seemed to them very tasty. And the Italians borrowed that word from the Greeks.
 Pasta low in calories - 190 calories per 50 g of dry product. What is particularly interesting (and contrary to conventional wisdom), pasta contains the right amount of protein - 13 g per 100 g of product, which contributes to weight loss, since their consumption "melts" fat, and not muscle tissue.
 In addition, the nutritional value of pasta is also determined by the starch contained in them (70%), which is very well absorbed. A dish made from 100 g of this product provides 10% of our daily requirement for proteins and carbohydrates by 10%.
 They contain macaroni and so-called slow sugars that burn almost completely, but gradually. Experts note that these sugars are the best "fuel" for athletes: they replenish muscle glycogen stores. In addition, pasta is rich in vitamin B, which reduces fatigue. & Nbsp; 70 percent of pasta consists of carbohydrates, and this is a complete source of energy; And the necessary minerals and vitamins in pasta abound.
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